VOIP GATEWAY 2 lines Gateway/ATA (FTG-188)

FTG-188 series voice gateway is an Internet based one port voice gateway. FTG-188 series adapts multi voice control protocols and voice compression codec to directly convert analog voice into IP packet for internet transport, thus effectively using the existing bandwidth to provide PSTN quality voice service.

FTG-188 series one port voice gateway supports SIP, and IAX2 protocol, offering one 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface, one RJ11 telephone interface, one built-in router and lifeline port. FTG-188 is small and can be widely used in SOHO, small office and enterprise branches.

Support two sip servers running at the same time.

Redundancy sip server capable.

Support T. 38 fax function.

Support IAX2 protocol.

NAT, Firewall.

DHCP client and server.

Support PPPoE, (used for ADSL, cable modem connecting).

Support major G7. Xxx CODEC.


G. 165 compliant 32ms echo cancellation.

E. 164 dial plan and customized dial rules.

Support Lifeline.


Call Forward, Call Transfer, 3-way conference calls

Call ID display

DND(Do Not Disturb), Black List, Limit List.

Reverse polarity.

Voice prompt.

Increase Vlan and automatically upgrade configuration file encryption function.

Support IAX2 and FAX.

Increase the time zone function.

Web, telnet and keypad management.

Upgrade firmware through HTTP, FTP or TFTP.

Upload/download setting file

Voltage: DC 9V~24V

Power adapter: DC 12V/450mA

Network intrface: 2 RJ-45 Ethernet connectors

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